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Preventative AC Maintenance Extends The Lifetime Of Your Patterson Air Conditioning Equipment

Ac maintenance

Sky Whirl Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional, seasonal AC maintenance and AC installation in Patterson and the surrounding area. Protect one of your home's most essential assets correctly and consistently with our professional services!

Seasonal Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Available

Your cooling system needs to have a yearly tune-up to run efficiently, and at Sky Whirl Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning we are proud to offer our 18 Point A/C Energy Saving Tune-Up to prolong the life of your system & avoid future costly repairs. Our 18 steps guarantee that your unit will stay in top shape.

Each 18-Point AC Maintenance Tune-Up includes the steps below:

  1. Change filter
  2. Clean & flush outdoor A/C coils
  3. Clean indoor blower cabinet
  4. Clean unit and vicinity
  5. Clean & flush drain lines
  6. Adjust blower speed
  7. Test for proper airflow & cooling
  8. Test A/C for proper freon
  9. Test safety controls
  10. Test starting capabilities
  11. Test & lubricate all motors
  12. Test efficiency of the equipment
  13. Test for burnt or loose wiring
  14. Test and calibrate the thermostat
  15. Inspection of indoor coil
  16. Inspection of air ducts
  17. Inspection of unit installation
  18. Perform energy audit of A/C

Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

AC maintenance provides a wealth of benefits for your system. Let our AC professionals design a maintenance plan for your home or business tailored to fit your needs!

  • Prolongs the life of your system. Regular maintenance ensures your system stays in top condition during its life span and helps preserve the life of your unit. Care is especially important for homes and businesses with hot, humid summers and frigid winters, as these systems are worked almost continuously.
  • Prevents costly repairs. Regular AC maintenance allows our professionals to ensure your AC runs at its best. Maintenance such as cleaning and clearing ducts prevents future breakage and repairs.
  • Lowers utility bills. It's a fact: maintained units provide higher efficiency. A well-maintained unit is not strained to perform and uses less energy, lowering your electricity bill!
  • Ensures comfort. AC maintenance can keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. A unit not up to its peak performance may struggle to keep you as cool or warm as it should.
  • Air quality is improved. Keep your family healthy by regularly changing air filters and removing harmful allergens and toxins from the air in your home.

Our team at Sky Whirl Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning wants to be your go-to air conditioning company for Patterson and surrounding areas. We work on AC and Heating equipment from any company, and all parts and repairs come with our company's one-year warranty.

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